Errors when writing DATA CD using Clone 2.5



I get an error when using Clone to copy a data cd and it is "Writing to Cd failed, medium error- loss of streaming, 3: 0x0c:0xc9.

I was using the latest version, but when this error started I re-installed version 2.5. and it seemed to work ok

My system config is: Abit 133aRaid Board, Athlon 1.0Ghz Thunderbird processor, Matshita 16speed DVD, and HP9110iCD Writer, 512meg x 133Ram.

Anyone with any idea how to resolve this, the newly written CD actually works, but how reliable it is I don’t know.


Loss of Streaming errors usually occur when either your burner is damaged or if the lens is dirty. Try a cleaning CD… Or try to use other media. Some media is better then others…

Your system configuration is great so this shouldn’t be a problem. Weird that when you used an older version it worked ok but then again this could just be a coincidence… Have you had more of these errors?




Thanks for the quick reply, since I last spoke about this error, I have had the same with Clone Version 2.5, so I will clean my writer today to see if that makes a difference. I use traxdata media 12speed and I have never had any problems, this has just started to happen when I upgraded to an Athlon, do you think that it might be that I have overclocked the processor to 1200?.

Another theory is that my voltage might be suspect, the core voltage is 1.750volts and the I/O voltage at 3.40volts.

Many thanks Grtz for your time and trouble



Try to clean your writer but like you suggested the overclocking could be a problem. When the CPU is overclocked it could make the system more unstable. I have no experiences with this so I could also be wrong. You can always try it by setting your CPU to its original speed…

I myself have an AMD Athlon CPU @ 700MHz and it’s working fine.

Goodluck and please let me know if the overclocked CPU was the problem…

GRtz :slight_smile: