Errors when trying to encode/burn backup


I’ve ripped my dvd using DVD-Decrypter because I only want to backup the main movie. The ripped version plays fine with NERO or other soft dvd player however when i come to shrinking it using dvd shrink i get an error

“DVD Shrink encountered an error, Failed to open file F:\xxx\xxx\VTS_01_1/VOB. System failed to find the specified file”

upon looking in the directory the file is indeed NOT there. I’ve probably done something wrong but what?

i’m getting similar errors when trying other backups. If i’ve posted this in the wrong part of the forum please advise, but i really don’t know where to go from here

regards rich

noticed that the file error should read

vts_01_1.vob and NOT /vob

btw… thanks for the replies … none so far… perhaps i’ve posted in the wrong forum?

If you are getting this error from trying to copy an actual movie dvd, then reply back. If this was a movie file that you downloaded, you probably got a bad file, and will need to find a new download. This problem usually occurs with illegal downloads due to corrupt files.


thanks for the advice, however i’ve just tried the actual dvd again. as i’ve previously said, it plays fine direct from the disk and via the folder. However when i try to shrink it the same error occurs, even tried direct from the disk.

i’m a bit lost and confused on it now it must be something i’m doing wrong



There was a problem with dvdshrink that if you have checked in one of the tabs to burn with nero, it can cause freezeup problems. Only thing I can suggest is that maybe you got a bad version of shrink. There were some of those going around awhile back. Make sure you download it from a good source. I would suggest removing your version of shrink, and redownloading the most current version.

You could try a trial version of AnyDVD instead of using DVD Decrypter & try DVD Shrink directly against the DVD-ROM.