Errors when playing burned movie files

I am burning ripped/reencoded movies as data to DVD -R. The burns are going fine, but when I go to play them, I get the message

“Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error! The application has requested the Runtime to terminate the program in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team.”

This happens no matter what media player I try - Media Player Classic, Zoomplayer, even the standard MS Media Player 2. The files tend to be DAT, MKV, OGG, that crash.

I can however copy the same files back to the HDD and play them with no errors. So the problem seems to be accessing them while on the DVD.

I usually keep my codecs for encoding/playing media up to date, so I don’t think it’s a missing codec problem.

Any experience with this, or suggestions?

Do plain AVI’s do this too?

You could also try running MediaInfo on the files on the dvd-r.