Errors trying to back up a dvd

i have a dvd which has already been decypted and works on my dvd player and my pc. i am trying to do a 1.1 for my son. it isdecrypted todvd-5 with 1 layer so should backup ok.when i use the latest dvd dedrypter or instant copy7 get to 13% and it locks up. the film is a latest version with 3 play options.why wont it do me a 1.1 back there another software program i can use.

You’re using read to ISO mode? Does the program actually freeze or it just stops reading? If possible try using a different DVDROM or cleaning the disc. Don’t know anything else you can try.


thankyou for your reply but this dvd will not back up still freezes at 12%.this is a strange recorded dvd.if i compare with dvds i already have backed up from my originals this has the following differances. 1,current profile dvd-rom 2,book type dvd-rom (normallydvd-r.)
but has also the following which says it has been decrypted and recorded.1,size 4.081. 2,number of laywers 1.
3,copy protection none .part version1, normally5.
any body any ideas as this is bugging me.colin