Errors towards the end of a burn?

In a previous thread I wrote about how my NEC ND1100A might be causing problems with my 4x Ritek DVD+RW discs. For some reason a few of them would have problems. Some would burn just fine and read just fine. Also, a few that had problems would actually read fine off the burner itself. Most of these are being read from a Laptop DVD/CDRW drive, the Toshiba SD-R2412.

I thought it might be the drive, but now I have new firmware for it and it always burned the 2.4x fine, with the Toshiba drive reading them fine also.

What is particuarly odd is that I noticed the errors creeping up towards the end of the disc… the last few files (large files… 300megs or so).

What could be causing this? If getting a new burner might help them I will do it. Its just odd that it seems towards the last 25 percent or so of the disc space and only on the 4x batch that I have. Its the first 4x batch I ever bought, Ritek brand from SuperMediaStore. The 2.4x were just coming out with label protection on them, the 4x that I have doensn’t have that yet.

I also use Nero 6 to burn the discs.

Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated.

The way current burner works is that toward outer edge of the discs, the drive needs to spin at higher speed than inner. On some poor media + writing strategy (esp with RW strategy is more tricky), burning at that high rate might not be accurate.

Try burning at lower rate may help.

Thnx. One problem though… isn’t 2.4x the slowest it can go? If that’s the case, that’s all my burner is capable of anyway. Nero won’t accept a higher speed, won’t even list it as an option.

I bought the 4x disc because I figured “future-proof”. When I get a faster burner, I’d have some discs ready that I was already using…

So, I guess the burner doesn’t technically use 4x or whatever… could that be the problem? I thought burners had some sort of backwards compatability or something.

Sorry my mistake. Somehow, i skipped your 1100A part and did not realize that you always burn at 2.4x. it is again media compatibiltiy/quality. 4x discs are not necessary give good results at lower speed. RITEKG04 for example, in so many drives burning at 4x giving better discs than at 2x speed. Or maybe the batch of dvd you’ve got may not be up to par.

Sorry, if that the case, you might be better off with the older media.

Well, I’d rather buy a faster drive… that’s what I want to do eventually anyway. I’ll probably just hang out until I can get a dual-layer 8xDVDRW… or if they don’t come out with that, then I’ll settle for a dual layer 8xDVDR, 4x DVDRW burner.

The thing I’m most worried about is the discs not reading in my Toshiba DVD/CDRW laptop drive… I can reburn them with a better burner some day down the road… thats why I chose DVDRW instead of just DVDR. If my drive on the laptop is somehow out of date now, especially for these upcoming dual layer… then I dunno what I’m going to do.

My ultimate goal see is to store all my shows I tape on TV. I project this will take roughly 500 to 600 gigs. I would prefer to just use a nice external HD. When will 600gig HD’s be coming? It sounds like a lot, but were already at 300… so I can’t imagine it being too far away, right?

I’d want to store all my shows, and leave at least a nice 60 to 80 gigs for the rest of my stuff like windows.

In the meantime however, I have to get this DVD storage solution problem solved… I want the best 8xDVDRW burner, and if they dont come out with 8x by the time dual layer arrives… I’ll deal with 4x then I guess. Hoepfully my laptop drive will handle that…

You guys mentioned to watch out for Ricoh brands… they are the best?

I use Ritek. You mentioned that if the serial indicated Ricoh it was all good… I check both supermediastore, where I get my media and the current 4x Ritek batch that I have and this is the serial that I pulled from it -


I don’t know what that serial means but I don’t see Ricoh in it ;(.

600GB is achievable by RAID 2 of 300GB together. I’m not sure that it will worth the money though.

Another route you can take is to use DVD. To me (and many of us here), DVD-RWs are not very stable and the discs can probably degrade over time. So, you might be better off using -R or +R. IF you are gonna spend that much time and effort, i suggest to look around first. Higher quality discs like Taiyo Yuden are believed to be the best produced disks these days. Chances are those disks MAY last longer than others. This i cannot guarantee for sure.

Dual Layer drive seems to be new technology at least for a year or so. During the first year, i suspect that the media price will be so high ($3-$4) And i don’t think it would worth buying it just yet.

There are some speculations in LiteOn forum that SOME RICOH disks might be culprit for problems burning disks in 811s lately. I merely suggest that if you do have problem, post a hub number on the disks along with that thread as well. Until this point, we still cannot say for sure that RICOHJPN are to blame or not. (Actually even RITEKG04 issue on NEC-2500A, is it possible to be media thing again?) Although, RITEK/RICOH are known to be one of the best disks (we can find in U.S.), if i’m not in need of more disks now, i’ll wait to see how it turn out first.

I don’t know if I would go as far as to say “best”.
They were average and priced good.
For awhile there you didn’t see to many problems but a few months ago there were many more reports of varying quality on Ritek/Ricoh quality. Unfortunately it appears some of those same quality issues may be coming up again.
It’s sad, but 50% of the market is flooded with garbage media.
Out of the other 50% I would say 40% is marginal/average and 10% actually of any quality.

Myself I would buy TY or MCC next time I purchase.

All I have been using is DVD+RW’s. I researched the technologies and benefits a long time ago and went with what I felt was the better path. I’m glad I chose + at least as that is the better choice for formats wise. If I want to change my data at some point, with +R I’m screwed. The prices aren’t that much different, so why buy +R?