Errors on burned cds?



I’ve burned a couple of cds from bin/cue images using newest version of Alcohol on a LiteOn burner. Burn process goes fine and then I take my cds to my other computer with an Asus burner and try to use the cds and ususally everything goes fine, but once in a while I get a read error either installing from the cd or manual trying to copy the contents of the cd.

If I go back in alcohol on my Asus computer and read the cd to image and load it up in a virutal cd drive… then everything that I couldn’t access before on the cd I now can via the virtual drive.

Is this just a case of bad media (Verbatim) or flukey LiteOn or what.

I haven’t retried buring the images to cd with the Asus but I think I’ll do that next.

Ne1 have this sort of problem before?