Errors on 1620 Branded, but not on 1620 OEM



  • I bought an unbranded BenQ 1620 PRO from and flashed it with G7Z9. It identifies itself as ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16, and displays a serial number.
  • A month or so later, I bought a beige branded (i.e., says BenQ on tray face) BenQ 1620 (not PRO) from Newegg and flashed it with B7V9. It identifies itself as Ben! DVD DD DW1620, but does not display a serial number.
  • I use Ridata 8x [RITEK R03], which burn at X12 on both drives.
  • I use Nero Express to burn, and usually check the 'Verify data on disk after burning." The unbranded drive verifies flawlesslessly; the branded drive reports numerous sector errors.
  • Despite reported errors on the unbranded, the DVDs play without noticeable errors.
  • When using DVD Shrink to burn via Nero, the progress box shows 'Booktype set to: drive default", but a Booktype message doesn’t even appear in the unbranded drive.
  • BenQ has offered to replace the branded drive with a refurb, but I’d like to know what the problem is before I jump to a solution.

Anybody have any ideas what’s going on here, especially the sector write errors on the branded? Its failure to report a serial number is troubling, but I wouldn’t care if it functioned as well as the other drive.

The G7Z9 firmware you are using for the OEM drive is realy ancient it is currently G7V9 for the OEM drives, im guessing maybe try flashing your OEM drive to G7V9 burn the discs and see if they burn correctly it could be a bad writing strategy in the recent firmware. If the new firmware for the OEM drive produces errors like your retail drive then it must be firwmare related.

Use u have bad sectors try using the T (B7T9) or P (B7P9) series firmware. I have these problems with good media using B7U9 and B7V9 firmware, but after reflashing to the P and T series, the problem is solved.

I just bought an OEM 1620 from Newegg which should arrive Monday.
My question is, do I have to use fw for OEM or can you crossflash a OEM drive with 1620 retail drive fw?
(I’m not new to burners, just new to BenQ.)

The OEM (aka bulk) and Retail firmwares won’t cross-flash. I’d be interested to see whether you get verification errors (assuming you use Nero).

there are plenty of instructions on this site for crossflashing. (It is possible)

Also there are many reports, mine included, of Newegg selling OEM BenQ that turn out to be retail firmware. The label on the drive should tell. Look for BXXX for retail and GXXX for OEM.

Link for crossflashing if you need it.

I have the opposite problem: my EOM works better than my retail. So my first thought was to flash OEM firmware into the retail burner. That’s when I discovered that the executable flashers from the BenQ web site prevent crossflashing. So thanks for the link showing how to do it with other tools.

Also, I’m going to check the label on both my 1620’s for ‘G’ vs ‘B’. Which brings up an interesting observation: the OEM version of my 1620 PRO has a serial number 99B5cxxxx, and the serial number on the box of my retail 1620 also begins 99B5cxxxx. (Recall that my retail burner doesn’t reveal a serial number to InfoTool.) This suggests that the 1620 PRO that Meritline advertized as “bulk” may in fact be a retail version…

On the advice of someone else in this thread, I flashed my retail back to B7T9. I’ll test it tomorrow. If that doesn’t help, I’ll cross flash it with the same verion of firmware that’s on my OEM drive. If it still won’t verify correctly after a burn, back to Newegg she goes.