Errors increase exponentially by the end of scans (see inside) ?!



I notice that some of the media I’ve been testing with my new burner consistently produce this kind of scans. Everything seems fine until the final part of the disc is reached, then after about 3.5GB suddenly errors increase exponentially. Any ideas on what cause this ? I’ve tested other media (MCC002, TDK002, CMC MAG E01 , FUJIFILM03…) which doesn’t behave like this and is stable throughout the full scan (be that always good or always bad :bigsmile: ), but still, do you think there’s anything wrong with my burner ?

As you can see by the pics it’s a BenQ DW1620, currently on firmware B7T9. It seems to be working normally other than the above scan results with some media.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Some 8x discs when overspeed to 12x will simply experience this problem. To make matters worse sometimes different batches of the same media code will behave differently.


If the problems only occur with some media types, you have to blame the media and not the burner…


Thanks I thought as much, but I wanted some advice because I only have a few days of the initial testing period left to try out the burner and have it replaced on the same day, after this initial period I might have to wait for weeks for a possible replacement and things would be more complicated.

So you’re sure this shouldn’t be a burner problem ?


I wouldn’t say I’m absolutely sure of anything unless I had the burner & discs myself to test.
It is possible that your particular writer is ‘not as good’ as other BenQ 1620s.
MCC003 and SONYD11 should perform pretty well normally - have you tested these same discs in another burner?
Where did you get the MCC003 & SONYD11 and under what brand was it found?


Unfortunately I can’t test in another burner.

MCC-003 are Verbatim 8X DataLifePlus Adv.AZO (made in Taiwan), jewlbox
OPTODISC-OR04 are Samsung 4X PleoMax, sold in 25x cakebox
SONY-D11 are SONY 8X AccuCORE (made in Taiwan), jewlbox

They’re all +R.

I didn’t bother too much with those Samsung which were probably too cheap for their own good, but I was kind of expecting more from stuff labeled Sony and especially Verbatim (as I get top notch scans with MCC-002, Verbatim 4X Made in India).

Or maybe it’s just Taiwan who don’t know how to manufacture DVDR ?