Errors in Nero CDSpeed

I have a question about Nero CDSpeed. I read somwhere that the errors reported by cd speed were only C2 ones and that the only acceptable amount of C2 errors is 0 for a good burn. I thought that I should test my latest burn (an iso image burnt to an old cdrw disc I ran it in CDspeed in my DVD and got about 10000 errors and thought that this was a lot and tried it with the burner and well see for your selves in the pic. Is it possible that the result in the burner is inncorrect? And the disc still works fine.

edit I was going to attatch a pic I don’t know how to do it
What it showed was an error rate of 3272222070 :o

It’s expected to get differing results in different drives, especially with RW discs. RW discs in general also have high error rates. slowing the burn speed will reduce them. Have a look at the media FAQ linked below.