Errors in copied DVD


I tried to backup an existing DVD with CloneDVD, and it only took about 20 minutes (100% quality, because I omitted some features on the DVD). But when I put the copy in a dvd player (external), there’s sometimes a lot of jams (error-stripes through the movie) and sometimes he even skips a part because the quality is so bad. Does anybody know where the problem could be?

Thanks alot.

With so little information it’s hard to tell for sure. BUT, the first thing I would look at is the quality of the recording media. Try a different media.

I only have a regular cd-rom player, and a DVD-player/writer. So it’s quiet obvious I used the DVD-player as recording media. But it’s one of the latest ones, I can’t can’t quiet think of any problem there…

he means media as in the blank disc that you burned to. not all media is equal!

what kind of discs did you use? also, what speed did you burn at?

Hi Miskliktunie and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As said Matt, often this problem is due to a bad burned media. Can you give us more informations?

What burner do you have exactly? What firmware? And what brand of media did you used? Can you say also what mediacode have these media? What speed you burned these discs?

You can retrieve all these informations using cd-dvd speed.


I write to these blanc DVD discs:

4,7 Gig Intenso DVD+R 1x-8x

And that test program won’t start when I select my dvd writer above :frowning:

Intenso media are not the very best. Try to buy better media like verbatim (NOT pearl white series) or taiyo yuden.

What burner do you have exactly? Can you explain better what happen with cd-dvd speed?

I tried TDK discs now, and it seems perfectly alright.
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: