Errors in Cdex on a brand new Cd

I’m just a simple cd ripper who likes to rip my cds in case something happens to one of them. I’ve ripped plenty of CDs with CDex in the past, new ones and old ones with minor scratches. I practically never have errors show up in the CDex status tab.

I just bought the new John Legend cd however, and errors show up on multiple tracks. It seems to be different tracks and different numbers of errors each time i try to rip it. The cd is not damaged and I’m using the same settings I always use.

Does anyone have an idea as to why this brand new cd is coming up with errors when i’m trying to rip it?

Thank you.

It’s probably a destroyed CD - a “copy protected” CD.

It has been known for even pressed discs to have errors - have you tried the disc in another drive?

Could be some form of copy protection also.

Oh, and try ripping with CDex in “full paranoia” mode. :slight_smile:

Ok, i’ll check it out in full paranoia mode. Hope it’s not some form of unsurpassable copyright thing. Thanks for the help.

Exact Audio Copy (EAC) is another option. Personally I prefer Cdex but EAC may get you better results in this instance.