Errors in backup image of Movie Edit Pro - advice please



Hope someone can help with this… I have bought Magix Movie Edit Pro 2005 (absolutely fantastic piece of software and worth every penny - that’s German engineering for you!) and would like to make a backup copy just in case my manages to get his little hands on the discs.

However, the main program disc appears to be protected. A search of the forum here brings up just one result that says that MEP is protected with Ring Protech (but it isn’t clear which version.

Well, to get to the point, I used Alcohol 120% to back up the disc to an image on my hard drive. Out of curiosity, I extracted the files from the image into a separate directory, but to my surprise the files that throw up errors when I try to copy directly from the original disc also failed to copy from the image. I received a CRC error.

Is this supposed to happen? If I write the image to CD will the write fail? (It was the first time I’d used Alcohol 120%, so I’m still learning to use it correctly.)

TIA for setting me straight.



I tried Alcohol 120% aand it took like 4 hours but it worked.