Errors During Burning

Hey guys,

Just brought myself a BenQ DD DW1640 DVDRW and I’m using Nero 7 Premium Edition, having some problems copying a certain DVD it’s not copy protected but I’m getting Data Error: Cyclic Redundancy Check and another error saying cannot read from file %s.

I’ve tried twice now, once burning a copy on the fly and once burning the DVD as an image (still have the image saved) but it gave me the same error while burning the image. DVD doesn’t appear to be scratched but there may have been some quality issues with the original (it’s a Chinese copy, their quality sucks sometimes).

Anyway I can work around the issue, since the DVD plays fine except for two 5 second skips during playback, and I don’t mind that, just want a copy of the damn thing since I have to return it in a couple of days.



PS Can anyone give me a list of decent software that I should also install along with Nero, such as Daemon Tools which will be useful in my new “burning career” and point me in the direction of any decent DVD R Burning FAQs.

Also looking for anything which will help me get around copy protection, it’s not an issue at the moment since I’m in China but when I leave China would be nice to be able to bypass it, if someone could point the finger as to where to look I’d love them forever…

First thing you should do is dump Nero 7 and get Nero 6##,best copy protection remover is Anydvd joined with Clonedvd2,both from same company Slysoft and possibly the best there is. :bow: :bow: :bow: