Errors during burn

i know im not a developer but between roxio and nero as far as usefullness ant burning options nero is waay on top on my list.
but the only reason i use roxio now is because it doesnt crash or make errors when i use other programs.
like for example i used nero to burn a cd and opened winamp and explorer,and as soon as i did it the cd would stop burning and give me an error
roxio doesnt have that problem
i had same effect with different versions of nero and roxio and on different computers

Is there a question in there or is it just a statement?


oh well it was kind of a feedback
id really like to erase roxio from my pc cuz the burner program is so frikkin bulky and unresizeable but i had wasted alot of cds with nero burning rom
is there some settings i should try to change for burning rom to be more stable wen i use other programs when burning?

I think that Nero doesn’t lock the burner which is why opening winamp etc can cause problems. I guess from what you say that Roxio does.

I’ve both Nero ( & Roxio (7.5) installed & use Roxio mainly for writing audio & mp3 CDs & Nero for DVD Videos.

Personally I never run another app that I know reads the devices when I’m burning. It should be OK if the app is running before you start the burn.