Errors at the end of the CD

My friend bought a Lite-On 40125S with the black panel, and I noticed that when he burns at TAO mode, Nero CD-Speed shows an unreadable spot at the very end of the burned CD (the last cube in the scan). This phenomenon repeated itself a couple of times. Yesterday I tried burning a multisession CD on my Lite-On 32123S and it showed the exact same problem. I ran a search here on the forum to see if that was a known problem, but didn’t come up with anything. Those errors don’t happen in DAO mode, for instance.
Any help will be appreciated.

Check out The Big Lite-On FAQ and overclocking thread the answer you’re looking for is in there. Specifically:

“Q: Help, I’m getting an red unreadable sector at the end of the disc in the Scandisc test!.
A: This is normal if you write a multisession disc and in some cases if you write in “Track-at-once” mode. Don’t worry, or use No multisession, Disc-at-once and Finalize CD when writing.”