Errors at end of disc

I’ve been burning many a DVD of late with my Nero 7 and have discovered a quick and easy way to make coasters.

Nero Recode creates DVDs that are 4459MB in size, while DVD Shrink creates ones of 4464MB. The idea behind targeting either of these exact sizes is beyond me, but I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason. Anyway, I have absolutely no trouble burning Recode images, but when I try to burn a DVD Shrink image using Nero I always get errors right at the end of the disc. I have tried burning the same image with the Nero CD-DVD Speed ‘Create Disc’ option and it worked flawlessly.

There are no indications of errors during the burn process, only while testing the discs. Nero CD-DVD Speed gets to the end of the data transfer rate test without any problems but fails to do the full seek test with an UNRECOVERABLE READ ERROR, and Alcohol 120% gets a read error around 500 sectors from the end of the disc.

I have wasted about 7 DVDRs trying to work out what was going on - both Ridata 8x DVDRs and (what I believe to be fake) TYG02s. My burner is a Pioneer 110D running the official 1.41 firmware.

Oh yeah, as an aside, why won’t Nero let me give a DVD-Video a label longer than 15 characters? Plenty of other software lets me make longer names and most pressed DVDs I have also have longer labels.

i am having trouble with burning dvds using nero. its usually when its gets to the end it gives me a transcoding error. i have used loads of discs trying all different ways and programmes. kind of getting fed up with it now and thinking about buying a new pc. i have tried normal films like 700mbs long, they all seem to fail. i tried ashort clip on a dvd disk and it worked!!! grrrrrrrrr whats up with it . i know im able to put things on a dvd disk like files,mpegs and music. but not full dvd films that i have legaly!!! i say legaly!!! downloaded

can anyone help???

I just tested with Nero CD-DVD Speed and my drive has absolutely no problem reading and writing the full 4.38GB capacity of my DVD-Rs. Looks like the problem is either Nero’s burning engine or a weird conflict between the ISO file and Nero. Maybe next time I’ll try burning the DVD-Video files instead of an ISO image.

In Shrink you can set a custom size that might help, although I’ve never found this to be a problem

The thing about volume names in Nero is an old issue that’s unlikely to change.

With the likes of ImgBurn you can take either the image from Nero & change the volume name or take the Video_TS folder & burn directly the DVD setting your own volume name.

I just successfully burned a working DVD Shrink’ed movie with Nero 7. It worked fine when I used the ‘output to hard disk folder’ option and burned that with a DVD-Video compilation rather than making an ISO. So that means that Nero seems to have problems burning DVD Shrink ISOs.