I am trying to copy a PS2 game that has been ripped, jak and dexter, the game definately works as i have played it in my ps2. But when i try to copy it with clone it will not read the cd and i get an error, “Value must be between 1 and 2147483647.” if ne1 knows what is wrong any help will be appreciated,

Is this a CloneCD error? Never seen this error so I don’t know what it means, sorry. Please provide some more information like CloneCD version, writer model, etc.

i have tried reading it in my LG 16x dvd and my 24x writer (not sure what the make is), i am runnign windows xp. I cannot even open the cd to see what is on it but it definately works in my ps2. If it helps nero just says invalid track info and blindwrite says no media present.

For the record: the disc is a CD(-R) and not a DVD-R? What’s the disc size? Can you see the disc present in explorer at all? Please let us know…