I don’t know what is happening with my plex 24x(1.03) but i’m unable to get a working copy of any sfv2.51 protected game into my toshiba sd-m1402 dvd rom( same error on every game i tried: df3432.tmp error(or something like))No matter if i use clone 4,blindread,betabloker etc… the result is always the same.i’m getting desperate with my burner.

Any suggestion???

TIP: could be fixed reinstalling all the system?

What profile(s) in CloneCD are you using? did you modify it/them?

For example, is “AWS Allowed” checked for the Plex?
Is AWS being featured on the burn?
Any other info would be good…

Have tried with standarts ones and have changed plex profiles and writing profiles…No matter aws were activated or not, burning speed or something like.Have tried a lot of combinations and always result in a pretty coaster…xDDD.
I’m beginning to think the problem becomes in my toshiba dvd which is too sensitive. Don’t know what is happening!