Hi Guys Im new to the forum and new trying out the software I am currently using the trial version before I buy. I been backing up all my dvd collection because my kids are getting lazzy to put them in my cases. I tryed to back up 2 of my kids dvds and I get this error
Error c:/programfiles/elaboratebytes/clonedvd2/eraser/Pal/Video_Ts unable to read make sure file is in folder and click try again Im getting this on 2 of my disks so far can someone help me please what should I do :confused: I checked it the file is there its just not reading how can I change this


What is your media region and your software media region setttings? And what is the media your trying to backup? You might want to check your region settings also what version are you using? Is that version from slysoft? Otherwise if there is a installation or corruption in the file you will have to Add/Remove and delete the folder and try to reinstall it again and give it a try again.


Thanks coolcolor for the quick response my region is ntsc it doesnt it as soon as it tryed to read it. Its ok I reinstalled it and its working not for sure what happened so I reinstalled anydvd and clonedvd2 its the current version that I have its just the 21 day trial for now but I will be buying this tomorrow I love this software alot better than my previous software