was backing up my copy of Conflict Desert Storm 2 with Alcohol 120 and keep getting an error on block 332414 & 332415.
Have tried cleaning disk with no luck… :sad:

Any Ideas???



What brand of drives are you using, and what type of media?


An MSI 52 cd-rw @ 3.70 firmware and memorex media - burning at 12x speed



When you say you are getting an error, is the error stopping the process, or is it just reporting the error and continuing. Copying any copy protected CD with CloneCD or Alcohol 120, will show numerous errors on the weak sector portions, but the resulting copy will still be a good working copy. If the error is stopping the process, look closely at the source cd, and make sure it doesn’t have scratches or marred surface. IF it does, try cleaning it before attemping another copy.


error report does not stop process but all backups (3 total) do not work will clean disk and try again…

Thanks for the info