i have a big collection of mp3s… after buying the audio cd player for car i burned an audio cd, i worked fine. but after 2-3 cds now when i burn the cds and run it in the car, it gives some error (E06, E03, something like that) some cds work; like if the cd has 12 track first 2-3 tracks works fine but after that it creates hissing sounds… and then the cds stops and ejects. And some of the original cd which i buy for the shop they work fine. The shop keeper says it i some burning problem, i m not burning the cds properly; like the mp3s are not encrypted properly. i use Nero 6. is this the mp3s fault or something else??.. i destroyed more than 10 cds until now but no use…
thanks for your attention…

To me it looks like bad burn quality (too high error rate on CD). What brand of CD-R did you use? You should try it with high-quality media like Verbatim Data Life Plus or Taiyo Yuden. Also, don’t burn at the highest speed your burner delivers - Try it at 16X, 20X or 24X, for instance. Do the CDs work on a normal standalone CD player? If better media and lower burn speed do not help and the CDs are also not playable on other devices, your burner may be defective.

the cds work on normal cd players perfectly alright… i tried 4 diffrent burners… cds i m using are Imation… Touchmate… sometimes it works and sometime it doesnt… i wasted a whole spool of cds trying diffrent settings… but the players gives… ER6 and ejects the cds… i m unsing Nero 6 for buring…

Car CD players are often more picky than normal standalone ones with regard to CD-R media, so good standalone ones often play CDs which are marginal in burn quality without you noticing it while more sensitive devices choke on them. I’d really advise you to test it with good CD-R media. Imation is not particularly known for producing high quality media. Try it with Verbatim Data Life Plus and Taiyo Yuden. If you live in the US, the latter are sold branded as Fuji “Made in Japan”, in Europe they are sold branded either as “Plextor” or as “Verbatim Pastel”, both with “Made in Japan” on them. If you have a LiteOn or Plextor burner, you could also scan the problematic CDs for “C2 errors” using kprobe or Plextools Pro, respectively. Or maybe you know a friend who has these burners or tools? This way you could see if the CD media and/or burner are to blame or if the problem lies elsewhere.

try use cyanine cds or azo ones
the others may give you problems