Error: Writing To The Video Dvd Was Not Successful Ifo Format22



I Have Copied Many Dvd`s And Have Never Had This Before.

Writing To The Video Dvd Was Not Successful Ifo Format22.

Please Can Someone Explain.



Care to tell us about your machine , operating system , writing program and writing device or do i have to dust of my magic 8 ball again ?


I am running windows xp professional,using and dvd.

I have copied lots of films before in which i just leave the settings as they are.Insert disc,choose write existing data,then hit go and it starts to copy.
I do it every time the same way.The dvd i am tried to copy was Duplex.
When this error message came up i had to use Nero which worked ok.


I posted the above reply 3 days ago so i assume that the dust on your magic 8 ball is due to lack of use.



this answer is telling us nearly NOTHING, we can only see that you are using win xp pro. and nero

Mr.B and all the others want to know
1.) operating sys (you already answerd this)
2.) which burner Liteon, NEC …?
3.) which firmware
4.) which burning Software ( is answerd), witch version?
5.) and maybe what medias are you using.

we will help you butwithout this infos will nobody can help you.