Error writing on DVD-R...Help!



Hi everyone.
I’m an owner of a NEC 2500A and from some time on I get a strange error message when I verify my DVD-Rs with Nero CD-Speed or DVDInfoPro, using my Samsung 616E as reader.
Infact, either with Nero or with DVDInfoPro, when i start the sector test, the first sector is often damaged and unreadable. Testing the speed test in Nero DVD Speed always results with these DVDs in a “Read of scrambled sector without authentication” error.
Note that all this only happens when I read with Samsung and not if I try to read with NEC. What does it mean?? :eek: :eek:
BTW, I’m using Herrie’s 1.08 (HP) Firmware.


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sorry to intrude, but I have an opposite problem with my 2500a. My old Samsung 8x reads the DVD+R fine, but my 2500a cannot read at all…it stops prematurely on Nero Speed and shows hundreds of errors on DVDINFOPro.


Sometimes i get the same error, “Read of scrambled sector without authentication” with my JLMS 166, but if a try to read the disc using, for instance, PowerDVD, when I go back to CD DVD Speed, I don’t get the error anymore.


@wesociety: the Samsung reads everything flawlessly and it is one month old, so I don’t think there’s something wrong with it.
BTW, the discs are ISO DVD and not DVD-Video.
Anyways, I browsed the forum and found out it could be defective media…I’m using unbranded PRODISCG02 2X DVD-R… :Z :Z
I’ll just re-burn the data on another disc if the error comes out! :bigsmile:


pladeira is correct, I’ve seen this error before when the drive has trouble sorting out the encryption. Play the DVD in PowerDVD or any other DVD player on your PC, and then go back into DVDSpeed and the test should then work.


Yup, appears the reading drive may not be, errr, “unlocked,” from CSS protection/scramble, RPCx mechanizm? Loading a DVD player app usually “unlocks” the drive for correct commercial DVD playback.
Wes-O is right, try loading with a DVD player, ie., PowerDVD/WinDVD, prior to testing with test apps.

I think Herrie’s v108 FW is RPC1, but check that as well…