Error: WriteDVD 11 5

I receive an error early in the burn process from CloneDVD “Write DVD 11 5”.

I see that 10 5 is a medium error, but can’t locate what 11 5 is.

The only thing that has changed since my last successful burn is the brand of media. These are Laser 4x DVD-R. I have used Princo in the past. In fact, after I received this error I burned a Princo blank successfully. I then tried the Laser again and received the same error.

If I burn at 1 x the error becomes 10 5.

I appreciate that these are not top-notch, but I know many people who have complete success with them, and let’s face it, they are a popular commercial product…

Relevant hardware:

Asus A7M-266 motherboard
Samsung DVD R/RW SR-W04B
Athlon 1700+