Error write sense key 3 with clonecd



hello, i have a 4220 too and…i have a problem, i have 2 pc with clonecd and plextor
4220 (ver. 1.01) , i use clonecd and, the scsi card is a adaptec ava
2904, it’s fantastic but since few week a new problem appear, when i burn , it’s stop
with the error message “write error : sense key 3 asc0x0c asq …”, have you the
same problems ???
no i can’t burn , i use clonecd, and now he have formatted the
HDD, and try to use clonecd and same problems with all versions…
what do you use of hardware, and software now ??? i thinks it’s a scsi problems …
sorry for my english, i live in belgium, and thanks for your reply…