Error with The Aristocrats




I have backed up all of my movies by using dvdShrink, dvddecrypter, AnyDVD, CloneDVD, and DVDFab decrypter. The other day I purchased The Aristocrats R1 and for the first time I have not been able to copy/shrink.

First I just tried shink and got the “Out of Memory” error. So I used AnyDVD and dragged the files onto my hard disk, but shrink refused to even open these files. So I ripped with Clonedvd with Anydvd running in the background. It got to around 80% when I got a virus warning from Anydvd and Clonedvd gave a CSS protection error.

Finally I tried ripping with DVDFab which was fine but then I got the same “Out of Memory” error when I used shrink.

Please find attached the summary from Anydvd
I’m thinking this might be a mastering error b/c Anydvd isn’t showing any fancy protection. But the “Out of Memory” error is a Sony protection error if I am not mistaken.

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the “out of memory” has nothing to do with protection…that’s just Shrink showing its age. did you try using the anydvd ripper? if you rip the disc with the anydvd ripper you should be able to process just fine with shrink.

is the error message you got from anydvd say something about “file corrupted, please run a virus check?” if so, james has said himself that in 98% of cases this is indicative of a hacked or illegal registration key.

This is not a new copy protection. I wasable to back up this film with whatever version of anydvd was current when the film was released.


Shrink will not work with files being dragged like that. You need to use shrink with anydvd running in the background.


that is not his problem. if he’s dragging files then he DOES have anydvd running in the background or else he wouldn’t be able to drag and drop the files to begin with. (read his post).

the problem is that dvd shrink is not updated anymore. it gives weird errors with newer discs even after anydvd has removed the protection. the way to fix this is ripping with the anydvd ripper which runs FIXVTS on the files as it rips to the hard drive THEN process with shrink.

the anydvd ripper is one of 2 options. ripping with clonedvd will also work on this title. if the original poster wants to give a little more info on the sequence of error messages he received when trying this method then we might be able to help, but my guess is that he’s probably not going to go into more detail about that…


I tried backing up with clonedvd with anydvd but as I said before, I got an virus warning from anydvd and then clonedvd stopped b/c CSS.

I tried Anydvd ripper but the system just hung and I had to restart.


clonedvd stopped because anydvd was no longer decrypting the disc.

anydvd was no longer decrypting the disc because the .exe file was altered in some way. as per james, this alteration is 98% chance of being a crack and roughly a 2% chance of being a virus. If you’ve run a virus scan and it came up clean then I guess that leaves one explanation.

if that IS the case, then your answer is to purchase a key from and nowhere else.

if that isn’t the case then you have to be more detailed with the erorr message, teh results of the virus scan, and when/where you purchased anydvd.


also, why are you using an old version of clonedvd2?


If you’ve Arccos on the disc, then it has to do with the protection!
But well in this case this shouldn’t be the problem.


sounds like a cracked version of slysoft software. anydvd prompts a warning saying files may be infected and to reinstall. Just cough up the money for a registration code.


Best 30 bucks youll ever spend. And if you like Shrink, give Nero Recode a spin. Then youll wonder no more at what happened to the author of Shrink.