Error with SubtitleCreator [please help...]

OK, I’ll try to be brief…

I wanted to start adding my customized subtitles to existing dvds and I found SubtitlesCreator which promised that with it’s special Wizard this job will be a piece of cake…
And I think it is quite easy, but… there is this error I get when the wizard reaches the point where VobBlanker adds the menu and everything else of the original dvd to the modified one…

error: ifo has more than one PGC: Unsupported c:*path*\VTS_01_0.IFO

Whatever I do, no matter how many docs I’ve read and different methods I’ve used, this error keeps poping up every time… I mean, it gets on my nerves!!! :a
I may be a newbie on this, but I think I’ve followed the steps exactly as they were written and I just can’t find what’s the solution to this…
And frankly, I don’t know if it’s my fault or just the DVD’s (I have made all of my tries with the same dvd title…)

Does anyone, please, have any idea ?
:bow: :bow: :bow:

Which program displays this error: SubtitleCreator or VobBlanker?

It is better that you load the original DVD in VB and replace with the modified one than the other way around.

It’ll be helpful if you can elaborate the steps.

Sems like the VTS has more than one PGC and SC wants to work with only the single PGC.

You may need to re-author. PgcEdit is a good choice when you are adding back menus and the like.


Which program displays this error: SubtitleCreator or VobBlanker?

SubtitleCreator includes a wizard which does some steps automatically for you. You only have to specify the source dvd and the extra subtitles, and then the wizard runs PgcDemux, MuxMan and VobBlanker, with the proper parameters, and everything is said to be done automatically to the end…
But when VobBlanker is executed as the last part of the process, I get this error…

I guess this error comes from VobBlanker when it tries to replace the single PGC, that SubtitleCreator creates using MuxMan, over the multi-PGC source. And I’m not sure what parameters SubtitleCreator uses. Since the 2 do not match, VB throws out the error.

This is a special case, as blutach suggested, you may need to re-author. I know how to do it in DvdRemake Pro. But if you prefer freewares, then PgcEdit and VobBlanker is the way to go. I’m sure there’s a way, blutach is more familiar with these freewares than I am.

Yep. You’ll need to re-author so the VTS has a single PGC. This is a VobBlanker message. Sorry, I didn’t completely understand you before.


OK, this re-author thing kind of scares me off but let me ask you guys something else…
Is there any way I can do this (I mean add an extra subtitle to a existing dvd) with DVD lab pro ?
If I could do this with less fuss I would consider buying it but since I’m not sure, I can’t decide…

Yes, but you will lose existing menus. You will need to create your own. It can get complicated if you want to retain existing subtitles, which means you need to extract them and be usable in DLP. Using the above mentioned programs is the way to go.