Error with nortons

I am getting an error with Norton and as many times as i tell it to fix it the same problem keeps occuring.

This is a new system that i built tonight. and still in the process of updating and installing new programs

Hope some one can help


Norton can be a bitch sometimes… It sounds like part of your install failed. It could be a corupted disk or just a hard to read one. Try installing from another drive. Find the file and when it asks for it, direct it. Copy the disk to your hard drive, install off of cd, when it asks for the missing file, direct it to that file on your hard drive. Contact norton, last I knew, they were 24 hr but they may limit install problems to two.

you can click ignore this item it is nothing major. if you look it up in google it says it has to do with .net if you install that it will go away. just google mscoree.dll and norton. i have it checked to ignore on my system

Leave it to me to not look at a post. I glanced over it, looked at the error and thought you had an install problem. I guess I missed the BIG “ONE BUTTON CHECKUP”. Like haysdad said, ignore it. If you run a norton scan and dont find errors, its not a norton scan. It wasn’t that long ago that norton would find all these problems, and screw swhit up if you let it repair it. Even now, if your disk drive has not been optimised or you havent cleaned your internet cash in the last month, it’s an error. Norton has its place (i’m running it because it is the only one that would even run with my raid), but with norton, get used to it always reporting problems. Like haysdad did, just do a google and see f the error is worth your attention.

Thanks for the help i found a site where i could download the “mscoree.dll file” and now the error is gone