Error with my HPdvd740i burner



I recently purchased an HPdvd740i Dual Layer Light Scribe Dvd Burner. Except this is the problem. It doesn’t want to burn DVD’s.

If I try to burn a data disc,video disc,img disc it will immediatly give me the “reset occured” notice and then eventually fail resulting in a killed disc. My drive will freeze up and I have to reboot to reset my disc drive.

I also downloaded another program called Cheetah Dvd burner, with Cheetah it will error after any burn attempt,but after exiting a burn atempt on cheetah I can attempt to burn again in which it will always succeed on the second atempt after failing.

I’ve also used Alcohol 120% same deal, the first burn atempt ends in failure,but with the option of trying again immediatly it will always succeed.

I have no idea what’s going on with my burner or my computer settings,any and all help is appreciated. I’m a bit newbish when it comes to dvd burners etc so help in great detail is also appreciated. Thanks.



Test the drive in another computer.

If it fails again, RMA it.