Error With CloneCD

Just recently I tried using CloneCD and Easy CD creator and I’ve been getting an error that says something about “Calibration”…I got this error on Both Easy CD Creator and CloneCD. I use CDrWin with no problem. I just want to know whether this is a concern. I didn’t get this error before which has been concerning me. Anybody have a clue on fixing the problem? Thanks…

Philips PCRW 404k IDE 4x4x32
160 MB RAM…

Clean your writer lens!

That simple? hehe, ok, thanks Ruff-Next_Gangsta. Should I buy a cd cleaner or should I take it apart myself?

Buy a Cleaner, it’ll be alot cheaper than buying a new burner if you wreck it.

Me …i should personly do it myselfs, disable the cd-writer carefull and gently put some pure alcohol on the lens (carefull!)

Hee forgot… your are not writting on cheap recorables eeej’?

if so do try some expensive ones like philips

naw, I’m not using cheap cdrs. I only use TDKs, and Mitsui. As far as cleaning the lens, I’ll just buy a cleaning kit. Thanks for the advice guys