Error while reading!

I have been trying to copy this dvd end no matter what I do I keep getting this Error While Reading!
It has gone through most of the disc…it’s at 98.85% and then …error…
I did copy other dvds so I guess this one should go through fine…
What am I doing wrong?


Hi FayeC
…need a few details…

What movie?
Specific error code or message?
Which Fab application and version are you using?
Sounds like you’ve been successful except for this particular movie?

I downloaded the DVDfab today (DVDFab Decrypter (10/24/2006))
and the movies I am getting this error (error=400) from are the George Shrinks movies (we have 2).
I also got another error (invalid data on .V0D file) when trying to burn a movie already decrypted.


Hi FayeC,

Please try Beta to see the result:

Best Regards,