Error While Reading - Read/Write Error Control

See the attached screen shot…

This just begun happening after I did a recent upgrade to the latest Platinum Version

The strange thing is that it gives the Read Error dialog box, but then it immediatly pops up with the Insert Media dialog box. I cannot click on retry on the read error, because the Insert Media dialog box has control.

This happens on about 50% of the movies that I have tried. The current one is Music & Lyrics (with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore 2006). This happens when I copy the entire disk, or when I copy the main movie…

There are no entries in the burn log after I cancel out…

Dual Layer DVD Burner: SONY DVD RW DRU-810A 1.0e
DMA is turned on in the Device Manage for all IDE devices.

Thanks for the help !!!

I downloaded the latest Bios Upgrade for my Sony Drive at:

It seems to have resolved the error - at least on this disk. I will keep you posted !!!

Thanks :cool:

:frowning: The Error is BACK - Just tried to copy “Thank You for Smoking” and received the “Error While Reading - Read/Write Error Control”

Please see the first post for a full description of the error…


I used to see this sometimes before I set the common settings to ignore all reading errors. I would insert new disc, click OK, then click ignore all and it would go ahead and burn.

I continue to get this error with just about every disc I try to burn. Is changing the setting to Ignore Read Errors the only answer. Seems that this could cause other problems.

I did not have this issue with earlier versions of the software…

Hi W84Wind,

The problem has been fixed, please wait for next beta, thanks.

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Hi W84Wind,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:

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I am trying to back up the movie “W” and i get the same error message. I have tried all the tips like ignore all errors and everything but it still does it but all my other movies work fine. Please help!!!

Isn’t there something to download to fix the copywright problem, that is why the error/writing control screen is popping up isn’t it . I remember on my laptop I had this smiley face pop up before my dvdfab come on and it somehow helped. I can’t remember the site that I downloaded to get that free proram and I need it back desperatly

dvd region+css free is now apart of dvdfab, you no longer need it, get the latest version of dvdfab from