Error while encoding with Nero



Hi there everytime i go to burn a avi to SVCD i get an encoding error it basically just says error encoding

oh yeh im just new as well i did not know there was a site like this would have used it months ago after me going all the way to my local pc shop to ask whatwas wrong with my dvd writer he just said 2 words to me “Burn Slower” lol

thanks for any help it will be much appreciated


First off i’d check your codecs using a free piece of software called

  • “Sherlock: The Codec Detective” - upon execution it tells you if any codecs are corrupt!.
    Second Nero ain’t all that reliable, DVDFab is best but it ain’t free!


sorry but really need to burn it tonight i cant really buy stuff


The Sherlock software is freeware just google it!


Also is the avi actually an avi or divX avi?


does it help tht i just had to download the Dx50 codec cos i couldn’t play the avi file

does tht help


Yeh that means it DivX


[QUOTE=MADsMoKe558;2122534]Hi there everytime i go to burn a avi to SVCD i get an encoding error it basically just says error encoding [/QUOTE]
Burning and encoding is not the same thing so slow down and tell us exactly what you are doing.


So… That means


ok i open up nero i go to burn a SVCD so i can play the movie on my xbox i add it to the burn list i click next then add the menu then go to burn it comes up encoding then i get a error encoding message


i don’t think Nero comes with it’s own DivX codec and if you haven’t paid for the DivX Conversion software then you cannot convert divX avi to SVCD


so how would i burn divx avi onto dvd so i can watch it on my dvd player


On VideoHelp website their a piece of software called AVI2DVD its freeware and should help plus theirs a guide for divX conversion here


early post

if this helps thank you


Hey i come with no guarantees and considering your time is limited!


I got tired of using converter apps and bought a Divx/DVD/USB player and it plays most everything. PAL/NTSC and any region and from USB flash/external USB drives formated to FAT32.


Yeh well, MADsMoKe558’s time is short!


lol yeah i know sorry…but for future reference, it’s an option.

Mine is a HDMI upconverter also. RCA DRC285


BTW What is the DIVX/DVD/USB player you’ve got? i.e. manufacturer/model


RCA DRC285 i bought it a K-Mart for like $55 usd. Store in the USA. There are other players that will do it.