Error while decoding stream #0.1

Hi everyone I’m new to CDFreaks :slight_smile: yet have got great info here so far so that is great. Anyways I am using a program called ConvertXtoDVD to convert a WMV to DVD VOB using a Computer Essentials 8X DVD+R with LITEON 16X External DVD±R/RW Drive Model SHW-1635SX05C.
My issue is upon trying to convert the file ‘JFK II THE Bush Connection’ (on Google Video downloaded from BearShare) I get ‘Error while decoding stream #0.1’ The video plays back and at the beginning everything is fine however about 15 seconds into the video everythings seems all blocky and pixellated. I don’t think the problem is with the hardware rather software? Please someone tell me what the problem is with that thank you very much. -D.A.P. :smiley:

Because you have ConvertXtoDVD - shouldn’t be contacting the author/manufacturer of this be the first step???

Are you sure it isn’t your DVD player? I am not sure about the program you are using. Go get clone dvd at Or DivX

Much better