Error while copying Finding Nemo



Please see the error log below and let me know the issue. I have tried it two times and no success. I have the latest version installed

21:05:57: Analyzing of DVD started
21:05:57: Analyzing of DVD completed successfully
21:05:57: Copy process started
21:13:25: Task_1 failed! Error=102(VTS_01_4.VOB 194551808 499712)
21:13:26: Process failed!



Hi aks1972 and welcome to the forum. Error=102 is a read error. You might want to go over the movie disk very closely and see if there’s any scratches or marks on it. Even a finger print will cause such an error. If you have the app. CD-DVDSpeed, you might want to run the movie through the app. to see if there’s any errors on the disk ok. If you don’t have it, it’s easy to find and it’s free. There’s also VSO Inspector which is very good too. It’s also free. Let us know how you make out ok. ~ Mike