Error while converting 8250--->9100

While flashing I get down to the second line then comes up with this eroor:
“Cant Send 30 bytes”

Any Ideas because I really want this to work.


Make that 8250 to 9300

Give more details…what flash proggie u use and so on.

I am using the Sony prog–Updcrx21. And the error exactly is:error(send header 30byte)
I Boot from a disk then select no cd support. Go to the flash directery I made with all the files and type.
Updcrx21 9300_10c.bin /AT /M
It come up with my writers and say yes to go on. It gets one line down not sure what it said but then the eroor comes.

You have to specify what IDE channel your writer is connected to in the command line. If it`s the first the command line will be like this:

Updcrx21 9300_10c.bin /AT /1 /M

If it`s the second:

Updcrx21 9300_10c.bin /AT /2 /M

Tried it still comes with the same eroor. Would another flash prog work?

Maybe…but I have doubts. I did this a while ago with my hp7500 (became a sony crx100e/hp8100i) Increased my write speed form 2x to 4x.

I used Sony`s Updcrx21 flash proggie and it all went flawlessly.

Here is the howtofile I wrote at the time - I did it EXACTLY like this (8100_10N.BIN was the name of my NEW firmware) :

  1. Put all the files directly on C:\ (in no folders)

  2. Reboot your computer holding down SHIFT + F5 and you are in DOS mode
    DO NOT use the “reboot in DOS-mode” on the START-menu

  3. Write: C:\UPDCRX21.EXE and you will see something like this:

       UPDCRX filename /AT|/98 [/P|/1|/2] [/M|/S] 
     You must at least set [filename] and [/AT or /98]. 
       filename     :Update filename
       /AT   : PC/AT compatible  /98   : PC-98xx
       /P,/1 : Primary           /2    : 2ndary
       /M    : Master            /S    : Slave
       /C    : Write sequence change 
  4. Now you have to know the location of you drive:
    (If you are lucky you can see the machine scanning the IDE channels on boot)

1st IDE Master = /AT /1 /M
1st IDE Slave = /AT /1 /S
2nd IDE Master = /AT /2 /M
2nd IDE Slave = /AT /2 /S

My drive is 2nd IDE Master so the command line is like this:

C:\UPDCRX21 8100_10N.BIN /AT /2 /M

(write EXACTLY with the spaces above)

  1. If your drive is localized you will be asked if you will replace
    the .BIN file …select Y

  2. Now the Flash memory updates…when DOS says it is finished,
    you have a HP8100i !

Of course I can mail you my version of the sony flasher if you`d like.

Damn it still did it. I followed your directions word for word and it still came up with that same error. I have no idea what that error means. The flasher version I have is Updcrx21 if that means anything. So if you want to send your version here is my e-mail.

Thanks for your help

is there any of these upgrades for the HP 7200i (2x2x6)??

2x write takes its time :frowning:

you should be able to flash to atleast 4x writing speed. (8100) but 8x could also work (9300)