Error when writing to second CD-R



I’ve had my 1300a for about a year, but had to install a new MB and CPU a few months ago. Ever since, I can’t burn two CD-Rs in a row. The first one burns just fine, but the second one abrubtly stops and gives an error message after starting to write to the second disc, which of course ruins the disc. I have to reboot and burn one CD at a time. Doesn’t matter what brand media I use.

This thing will burn DVDs til the cows come home, but for some reason I can only burn on CD at a time. It doesn’t matter whether I’m burning with Roxio, EAC, Feurio or anything else. I get the same error. What’s the friggin’ deal?

I have recently updated the firmware, which was cool, because now I can burn Staples brand DVD-R discs. But it didn’t help my CD-R burning problem. I haven’t had any other burning problems at all.

Running on Windows ME (I know, I know… :Z )




Anybody? Beuller? Beuller?

Theories? Guesses? Magic 8-ball?



What does the error message say?
Is it IDENTICAL regardless of software used?
Do you have details from all software logs?


It says:

Write Error

Write Blocks

Incompitable format

Or something close to that.

It’s as if I put a written disc in the drive, even though it has been replaced with a new identical blank to the one I had just burned. It says the same thing with any software.