Error when using 5.5.31 &

Both 5531 and 5541 install correctly and are working when the pc is rebooted.

After about 20 minutes, both versions terminate themselves and an error message appears that says any dvd has been unable to access a file because it is corrupt and that anydvd is to installed again. It also says that i should run a virus check.

Anydvd currently runs OK with version alongside clonedvd

Any dvd does not have to be decyrpting for this message to appear, it appears even when anydvd is sitting in the background.

Any ideas would be appreciated as this is the first time anydvd has not worked as described.

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  1. Am I understanding you correctly? Do you have more than one version of AnyDVD installed on the same machine? In different folders?? That would be a formula for disaster in the Registry!

  2. Most likely, you’ve got spyware or a virus. Run full system scans with both your anti-spyware and anti-virus programs. Be sure you’ve updated to the most current SW and AV definitions before you run the scans.

  3. Have you played (on your computer) any Sony CD’s with the new rootkit virus abomination? If so, your box is vulnerable to several new viruses now lurking on the internet.

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Hmm, maybe you have a virus on your machine? Or do you use a crack to unlock AnyDVD?

Thanks for the answers.

No, i do not use a crack.

No, both versions are not installed at the same time.

As for a virus, Avast picked up nothing when i ran it this afternoon. But have just unstalled Avast and put on AVG. Low and behold !!Trogan city!!, all hiding in sys restore. Restore now turned off and running AVG to make sure.

As for spyware, Spybot and Xoftspy came up with nothing. But Adaware pro found 7 of the little critters.

It just goes to show that you can never have enough protection.

Will keep you informed of my progress.

PS Why is version 5511 stable then? I cannot work that one out.

Sounds like a bad crack to me too, LOL! :cop: Contact Slysoft Support

Hi :slight_smile:
Avast new version just released. I’ve found it better than AVG.
For spyware removal try this.