Error when trying to install Update Package 2



When I try to install update package 2 for Nero 6.6 I recieve this error message "An error has occured when installing “Showtime”. The install then aborts. I have redownloaded this package twice from two different sites with the same results. Has anyone else experienced this and if so,how can I complete the download. I’m extremely frustrated with this. I would like to use Nero Vision. Any help and/or suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks.


Welcome to CDFreaks Forum,
May be you have conflect between your Nero product key and the version you have downloaded.


I had the same problem when trying to upgrade to version 6.0. I then uninstalled and reinstalled upgrading to v 6.6 hoping this would solve the problem but it didn’t. All other upgrades install OK ie Packages 1,3 and 4.

How do I determine if I have the correct product key? Thanks.


I am also having the same problem, the other updates install fine. I also uninstalled, also used the general clean tool on Nero’s site, and tried upgrading with and without a previous installation but no luck. At least I can tell it is not an isolated issue.


Both of you try to clean uninstall the Nero then install the version you need, at the beginning of installation process there is a window of Nero with product key try, delete that key and write your own product key if Nero accept the key the process will on otherwise you get the warranting the key is invalid key.