Error when trying to copy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie



Region 1, USA

This is a double sided DVD (Full Screen on one side/Widescreen on the other)

I am using the latest BETA of AnyDVD (Used before this, same error) and CloneDVD

The ‘Preview’ screen immediately says something about making sure that this is a properly mastered DVD. Blah Blah

The Session Log says “Unable to Locate Layer Break”.

Any ideas as to what can be done about this?


> The Session Log says “Unable to Locate Layer Break” <

This is not an error, just an informal note.


Ah, I see. OK then… what exactly does this mean, and is there something that can be done about this?



Olli? Anyone?


It just means that the movie is on a single-layer DVD, not dual-layer. There is no layer break to locate. :smiley: It’s good news because you probably won’t have to do any transcoding as the movie is the same size as your DVDR.

This is not a problem :slight_smile:


Either that or there’s 2 versions ie. widescreen and full screen. 1 on each layer. Then it can’t find the layer break as it’s not it the movie itself.


In this case, he has a double-SIDED DVD, not DUAL-LAYER so I think it is just the same old ‘layer-break’ comment Clone usually makes when it runs into a single-layer DVD.

@Olli maybe that message should be deleted with single-layered DVDs as its a little confusing to new users…just a though. :slight_smile:


It’s on my todo list.


OK. I understand what this message means. However…

I’ve copied single layer DVDs before. Any idea as to why I am not able to copy this title?

The ‘snapshot box’ shows an “Unexpected Error…” message.