Error when scanning a MPG-file to burn a SVCD



First of all, I am new to making SVCD’s.

I used VCDEasy to burn 2 cd’s succesfully.
But with the 3rd part of the film I get an error.
When I scan this mpg-file, with the “MPEG Tools”-option, I get the following message:

mpeg scan: pack header code (0x000001ba) expected, but 0x3daf0ba0 found (buflen = 2324)
bad packet at packet #136906 (stream byte offset 318169544) – remaining 515153204 bytes of stream will be ignored

This part of the film can be completely viewed in a media-player.

Can anyone tell me how to solve this ???

Thanx in advance !!


have u tried using another program to burn the 3rd cd (such as nero)?



I assume that I need to make a bin and cue-file.

VCDEasy will make a bin-file of 300 MB, because then the error will stop the process.

With what other program than VCDEasy can I build a bin-file ???


u don’t need to make a bin/cue. nero has (s)vcd layouts for u to drag and drop the mpg into.


Ok. I’ll try that. :slight_smile:


A good tip: pay a visit to our DVD forums, and read the tutorials Chickenman made on producing SVCDs. These are really good and give quite some results (I’ve been using the method he posted for some time and I recently converted my Pulp fiction DVD to a SVCD. Even on a big television, the difference in image quality is pretty small).


Most MPEG errors can be corrected using VCD Gear


The cd is running in my DVD without any problems now. :slight_smile:

Will try VCDGear for sure !!
Thanx for the help.