Error when flashing Optiarc AD-5960S on Macbook Pro



I have tried numerous times to flash the DVD drive on my laptop and always get the same message:

Last login: Mon Aug 30 01:27:15 on ttys000
eliska-repkovas-MacBook-Pro:~ Ellie$ /Users/Ellie/Desktop/necflash -scan -v
Binflash - NEC version - © by Liggy and Herrie

List of supported devices:
Trying to query device A:

Device : A:
Vendor : OPTIARC
Model : DVD RW AD-5960S
Firmware : 2AP5
eliska-repkovas-MacBook-Pro:~ Ellie$ /Users/Ellie/Desktop/necflash -flash -v -s /Users/Ellie/Desktop/2ap5_auto.bin A:
Binflash - NEC version - © by Liggy and Herrie

Identified drive: 118 - 3033
Detected drive from Firmware: 118

You are about to flash your drive with the following firmware:

Identification: DVD RW AD-5960S
Version: 2AP5

Remember no one can be held responsible for any kind of failure!
Are you sure you want to proceed? (y/n) y

Entering safe mode
Sending firmware to drive at 0x030000
Error sending firmware to drive
Error while flashing firmware

eliska-repkovas-MacBook-Pro:~ Ellie$

I am wondering about what I did wrong. I think I did follow the instructions and that binflash should work fine. Any advice, please?


I read about these problems several times already. Unfortunately the only solution was to use Bootcamp and try to flash firmwares in Windows. No idea why the required command doesn’t go through to the drive :frowning:


Thank you very much! Will try it!