Error when copying files from C: to DVD (Pioneer DVR-112D DVD/CD Writer Black)

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-112D DVD/CD Writer Black. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Please Help the Newbie!! Trying your basic backup pictures/music onto DVD’s. Same error message everytime: Windows has encountered a problem while copying this folder. Rtry, Skip, Delete. Has anyone got a solution for the newbie?? Thanks in advance! -begskeller

Are you using Windows XP? Which burning program are you using? XP doesn’t have a native ability to burn dvds…it can burn cds just by dragging and dropping, or copy and paste, but not dvds.

I suggest getting a free burning program like ImgBurn.

Just click on Write Files/Folders to a Disc once you’ve started the program.

Then look at the picture I’ve got below to see where to select files or folders to be added to your compilation. Select a moderate burning speed…like 8x or 12x, make a label and start the burning process.

What are you using to make a data dvd. If one or some of these files are corrupted you may get this message. Was the music downloaded from the internet?? How large are these files?? Dvds are not expensive -try just backing up your pictures or just your music. I use roxio or nero to make a data disk but as posted above you can use a free program imgburn. good luck.

Good Morning. Yes, XP SP3. Nero 7.0 was loaded but same problem. Uninstalled per a thread from another site, same problem. Tried click/drag, copy/paste same problem. Did notice in explorer that the drive changes names from DVD-RAM to CD as soon as I put a blank DVD into the drive. Also, my Itunes opens every time I put any type of disc in either drive. (internal CD or external Pioneer DVD) Slowed down speed to 8X and made sure the ‘enable CD recording’ box was checked on recording prefrences for this drive. I files/folder are just .jpg pics so I’m sure they are clean. HELP!

Tried click/drag, copy/paste same problem.

As Kerry noted, you cannot “click/drag, copy/paste” to DVD without the use of a 3rd party burning app.

Did notice in explorer that the drive changes names from DVD-RAM to CD as soon as I put a blank DVD into the drive

That’s what it’s supposed to do.

Make a new filder on your hard drive and try your “click/drag, copy/paste” and see if that transfer works as a test.

Thanks for the info! Yes an internal copy between folders on the C: drive works fine. When I put a movie DVD in the external drive it works fine giving me the option of which media player to play the movie on. I usually use Windows Media. Should I try that free IMGBURN software?

Good Morning! Problem solved sort of. Apparently this Pioneer DVD burner with XP SP3 doesn’t like 32x RW discs. I downloaded IMGBURN (thanks for the tip!) and just used 16x DVD-R discs and can now back up my files using the IMGBURN. I guess for this rig no RW DVD’s. Thanks for everyone’s time! PEACE! -begskeller