Error when burning system disc

Toshiba Satellite L310(China) Win7sp1, I need help badly. I can’t burn a disc. So frustate I changed from TSST to Matshita drive. Same problem in all OS’s since XP. I have been able to burn discs in the past with various software. but not consistently or reliably.
This AM, tried to burn System Repair Disc(post SP1 install) and got error msg.: "…the drive returned error inf that could not be recovered from(not my syntax) …(0xC0AA301). Someone must know, is this hardware or software issue, or both? What do I do next? I still have the TSST TS-L632. I’m in Chongqing, where 8o% of all the notebooks are made, but I don’t speak Chinese, sooooo… thanks.:cool: