Error when Burning: Creation of DVD files was not sucessfull? Help!



I have been using CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD for sometime now had no problems until recently been getting the following error when burning DVD it get to about 30-40% in burning stage and comes back with the following error:

Creation of DVD files was not sucessfull!
Scheduler 0 D:\VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_4 VOB:23:read error TCSectorReader TCE

Do you know what causes this error to occur??? :confused:

*Also what is best to clean DVD’s with??? Thanks in Advance…


I clean with mild soap and water. Immediately dry with towel. Try another DVD. Could be bad or dirty DVD.


Now now further experiencing the movie DVD recording onto my hard drive, then when I put in the Blank DVD cloneDVD2 doesn’t go any further to write movie to my blank disk and I can not then close CloneDVD2 down, just sit frosten???


if cleaning them with soap doesnt work as suggested by furballi, then try using toothpaste (yes toothpaste) i brought some ex rental dvds that were unreadable even after cleaning then i read about using toothpaste and it worked, but be gentle as the toothpaste has a miled abrasive agent and could make the disc worse.


Remove/reload CloneDVD. Retest with another original DVD title.


I use toilet paper with Meguair’s Deep Crystal Deep Gloss auto polish. Change the paper often. Keep the polishing surface moist with the polishing compound. Use hard pressure initially on deep defects, then ease up to achieve a smooth finish.