Error when burning an ISO to a DVD-R

I have an ISO that I’m trying to burn to a DVD. I’m using a DVD-R format disc, with 4.7GB capacity. The size of my .iso file is 3.26GB. However, when the burning process is 17% finished, I get the error in the screenshot linked to above.

I use imgburn, and Windows Vista home premium. Any insights as to how I might get the ISO onto a DVD would be greatly appreciated.

What brand of DVD are you using and at what speed are you burning?

DVD -R and max speed

And what is max speed? If you can select a speed, try 8X, but once again, what brand (memorex, verbatim, tdk, etc.) of DVD are you using?

Sorry, misunderstood the brand question, I’m using sony dvds. Imgburn has a speed setting called “max”, as well as other speed settings, ranging from 1x to 56x. I’ll try 8x though.

Looks like a bad connection (Fibre).