Error Usb Mass Storage Devices - Mad Dog Triple Format Dvd/rw


This looks like a great forum I hope someone can help me here because im really heartbroken at the moment :slight_smile:

Ok today I purchased a Mad Dog Triple Format 16X Double Layer DVD-RW, Basically the instructions say plug it in a USB port and your ready to go.
No drivers are provided, and the only driver it is reliant upon it seems is the USB 2.0 driver… Which is standard in windows XP…

Ok so I did as they said… and the drive just wont show up, the PC recognizes it but under the device manager it shows up as a yellow exclamation point under USB MASS STORAGE DEVICES, The error is a Code 10 error saying the device is not working.

I tried uninstalling the driver, reinstalling it, I even did a fresh install of windows and the thing still dosent show up…

heres my system specs…

4 Onboard USB Slots
AMD Semperon 2800+
ATI RADEON 9250 AGP card
1 External USB Western DIgital 250GB Drive
1 Internal CDRW
2 internal IDE drives

At first i thought I may have had too many USB devices plugged in and it was drawing too much power so i unplugged all my other USB devices and tried just the drive … still no luck.

I dont know how to solve this problem… can someone please help!!!

thanks alot

Have these usb ports worked with anything before. On my Asus motherboard in the bios there are inable disable options for my 8 usb ports.

I had the exact same thing happen with the exact same burner, I called Maddog tech support in UTAH and they told me to bring it back to Circuit City and get a new one, I did and it works perfectly.