Error: unvalid or unsupported image file format (imgburn/dvd decrypter)

Hi this is my problem, I have DVD DECRYPTER, DVD SHRINK, AND IMGBURN
now, i have a movie on my harddrive and everytime i try to put it into dvd shrink, or dve decrypter or imgburn i get a message

  1. unvalid or unsupported image file format.
    it will not take Video_ts. when i try and select this file none of these programs will except it.
    Can anyone explain to me how i get the Movie out of my video_ts and onto a DVD? So i can watch it on my TV? Any help will do thanks

:confused: I think u should be able to open video_ts folder with DVDshrink. Select" open files" and then write it into an ISO image. Next step u can burn it with imgburn.
The easiest thing is to use Nero Express where u can open the folder and burn in one step.

Hi FedelC, thank-you for your info, is Nero Express a free program or can i download it for a trial verson, or should i buy it. thanks again
i am looking for a way to get this file downloaded so i can get rid of it, without deleteing it, because i would like to have it on a dvd
I just tried to open video_ts folder with Dvd shrink and i got this message

    dvd shrink encountered an error and cannot continue
    Failed to open C:\video_ts\video_ts.ifo 
    the system cannot find the file specified

does anyone know what that means? i have no idea, and if anyone knows, how do i fix it? thanks

Hmm. Anyway, u can try Nero. Download it at as a trial. Get nero 6, as it is more stable and bugless. In trial Nero Express should work no problem.