Error "unable to open file"

Well everything has been going fine for a long time since my initial problems with Clone DVD. (there were quite a few prior posts that the problems got resolved )
Then I just did a D/L of version rebooted and that was a few days back, I really can’t remember.
I always detest having to D/L a new version as intermittently I always end up with a problem. The techie at the office thinks he has fixed it and then I try to use the proggy and it won’t work and then he gives up as he is only there for work purposes anyway.

The problem I have now is that everything seems to be going fine Any Dvd is functioning and I start the DVD to be backed up and see the preview and get to the window that has DVD files and DVD writer. I highlight my BenQ 162I external burner and click on next and the next window has that terrible OH NO! and message:
c:\Prog Files\ElaborateBytes\CloneDVD2\eraser\PAL\Video_TS\VTS-01_0.IFO
unable to open file. The system cannot find the file specified.

Then I go back to that same window and try to click on the Browse button to find the DVD and it is in my BenQ 162I external drive and does play.

I get so frustrated with this program, it works and then there is a new version and I d/l and get problems.

I just did a 1 click dvd copy on my other notebook with the same burner and it was fine.
Can somebody please advise me of how to fix this.
I should have left the prior version in that was working fine.
I should say that the backup I was doing was the old Rolling stones Bridges to Babylon.

I just did a couple of backups with my former Clone DVD version and it was fine and now this.
Please…I like to have 2 functional backup dvd proggys and that is why I have 1 click on my other notebook because I simply find that Clone Dvd has so many hiccups when versions are changed that it is not as reliable as 1 Click.
I look forward to replies as this gets really annoying when the earlier version was working fine, and made backups of this same DVD.

I look forward to comments and I will now use my other notebook to do backups of 2 other dvd’s that Clone DVD is Oh Noing about!!???

Again, please help! Thankyou

c:\Prog Files\ElaborateBytes\CloneDVD2\eraser\PAL\

Are you sure this is the source for the file to be burned?

No, this folder ‘Eraser’ and the folders & files contained within are required files for CloneDVD to do its stuff.
Simply reinstall CloneDVD to fix this problem as it appears required files have been deleted. Please insure that CloneDVD is closed when you run the Setup again.

@ Cleary,

Isn’t this a continually going problem you have with CloneDVD software program?

Reviewing your past CD Freaks Forum postings this is exactly the same problem you had in 20 Jul 05.

Not wanting to rehash all the previous CloneDVD Forum posting narrative you have some software program installed on your computer that is conflicting with the proper operation of the CloneDVD software program.

Best Regards,

I think PeebZ came closest to the answer here. Read this nine post thread from last January.\eraser


No, I have downloaded several of the new versions and there has been no problem. That is why I mentioned it in this post that everything was going fine until now, after I downloaded the latest version.
Are you saying that I should delete this program and redownload it or D/L it over top of this one.
That is why I mentioned that I really don’t like it when this program has updated versions as the problem will reoccur.
The tech at the office is the one that did the D/L of this latest version and he knows what he is doing.
That is why he always tells me to stick with 1 Click which is on my other notebook as it is very reliable.
He has had this identical problem with Clone DVD and so it is not just me.

@ Cleary,

Once again after reviewing all your previous CD Freaks CloneDVD Forum postings you have some software program installed on your computer that is interfering (conflicting) with the proper operation of the CloneDVD software program.

Since this is an on going problem you are having with your CloneDVD software program I am too lazy to re-hash all the items that could be causing your problem. If you serious in resolving your problem suggest reviewing all your previous CD Freaks CloneDVD Forum postings for all the troubling shooting suggestions that Forum Members have previously provided to you.

Since this an on going problem that you are continuing to have with your CloneDVD software program and your “Office Tech” who maintains your computer also has this identical problem quite possibly your “Office Tech” does NOT know what he is doing and is the route cause of problem.

Best Regards,

thx again, but my notebook is entirely different from the techs and he has t he same problem and it is not consistent that is why he sticks with 1 click as he says it is more stabel.
New version, no glitches.
Clone Dvd, new version and it goes back with this PAL ERASER etc issue.

The office tech has only IE, OE, Windows DVD video player MS Office, NAV and Spysweeper and trojan hunter and sp2 firewall. It is his spare computer used for burning DVD’s and he has this recurring problem. The tech uses this one on dialup. Windows xp home edition updated to sp2 and patches

Mine is not ealborate at all with proggys, I have MS office, Nav, sps fire wall, spysweeper, IE, OE, Windows DVD video player, trojan hunter and I use a DLink modem and SMC Router. Windows sp2 updated with patches.
I have 3 notebooks and this one strictly has CloneDVD for burning and any dvd. My most reliable notebook has 1 click and any dVd.

The tech at the office has his PC with 1 click and any dvd and has no problems.
What we don’t undestand is why we can go 3 new versions fine and then a new version and an eraser, pal problem.

Do we have to delete the program and D/L again or can we download on top.

Of course someone will say do we have licences, of couse each of us do. I wouldn’t be posting if we didn’t.
The office techie thinks the program runs a few versions well and then goes buggy.
Comments please.

We have friends that are using the version before this one and no problems just as we were and then upgrade and a mess again.
These friends computers are like ours not loaded with proggys basically used for mundane use.