Error ultra dma/32 (040803)

Can any1 help me im using nero v6.3 and every time i try to burn i get a spit and a message which says failure to comunicate error code ultra dma/32(040803) can any one help me in english as im totally confussed at this stage and after 2 wks of uninstalling reinstalling im about ready to chuck pc out da window…i have a p4 3.4ghz 2gig ram and 400 gig hdd partitioned.heeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllppppppppp any1 :bow:

Best change the title to state that it’s a Pioneer 110D that you have the promlem with.

Is this a new problem or always been this way with the 110D?

You know you must be using 80wire (Ultra ATA) cables for the Pioneers & preferably set as master and running in UDMA mode 4.

Could just be a faulty cable.